Pretty On the Outside

i am 25 years old. i'm not quite sure what is going on with me but lately i've been overwhelmed with sadness and lonliness. i isolate myself completley and on my days off it is hard for me to even get out of the house. i am completely uninspired. i went through a terrible break up back in 2006 and have gotten heaps better since that but i'm just in a place where i dont honestly share how im feeling with anyone around me. i just pretend that everything is going well and everything looks good on the outside so i'm not really bothered. ugh. this is really terrible. i don't want to live this way anymore. i know there is more to life than this.

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Stars, just the fact that you know there must be something more to life, and that you want to get better, is such a great thing. I'm 26 years old and my genuine depression problems only really started this past year - it kinda blindsides you, doesn't it?? Just keep talking about it, and keep pushing back - eventually you will kick it's *** =D

I know when you are in that state it is really hard to keep a positive thought in your head. I did the thing where I would come on here and read all this great stuff and the the minuet I got offline I would forget everything and go right back to the depression routine. It is still hard to keep the important stuff in perspective but it is totally worth it but if it works, right little notes all over the place. This is your life and you deserve more than what depression leave you with. Keep at it and dont forget. Write me any time. I need reminding too!!!!!

please forgive the typos ( i try to type faster than my fingers permit)

no it does not sound silly and thank you very much. i just joined ep and i really appreciate you comment. i needed to hear that. thank you for offering you kind words and suggestions. i do believe that i need to start making list of things i and joy and especially a gratitude list. i am not so focused on what is missing when i appreciate what is here.

hang in there. try to think about some things you enjoy doing!

Your right there is. I have a suggestion, it might sound silly but Im going to try it too. Every day I am going to write down the things that I like, look forward, and aspire to integrate into my life. I hope you can fight through this and come out shinning on the other side. <br />
We are all fighting together.