How Did My Life Turn Out This Way?

I have been depressed for the better part of my life.  In the past couple of years I have gotten on medication and generally I feel better.  However, now the man I am with is making me crazy again.  He is sweet and kind in most ways.  He is just not really interested in me sexually.  I really don't know what to do..... Should I just be happy with what I do have with him?  Or should I want more?  I feel terrible about myself and totally sexually unattractive at this point.  How much lower should I go?

WomanInBlack WomanInBlack
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

I've been depressed pretty continuously for the last ~seven or so years. I finally realized I was breaking down last spring and started trying to change my life. Two main things have helped me so far. One I started taking herbal meds, then I found out that it's legal to be in possession of perscription anti-depressants in the U.S. without a prescription so I bought some from over seas. The chems depress me sometimes but allow me to have more fun and give me a broader spectrum of emotions. Two I started hanging out with my friends and their friends every chance I could, I refused to stay in. This helped alot because I no longer had the time to think about being depressed. I really think that's the key just get into something, and do it so much that you don't have time to be depressed.