2 Get Past Self

i actually have a pretty good life but it seems i always see the negative. i also feel i cant stand to be around me...i don't like myself....but we take ourself wherever we go..so we need to learn to get along with ourself, right..haha, im sort of joking there, but the problem is, that im a pain in the butt for everyone else around me. Who's gonna want to be around me when i'm not happy? im not like that all the time, but i can get emotional highs and lows, been a lot of lows lately. thought suicidal thoughts.....but thats not the answer....i know thats wrong...and actually cowardly...i go to church, trust God, but i don't trust self...been sort of..say unstable lately, with the loss of both my folks within one year, mother just recently, change of jobs........its good my kids keep me busy with their activities... 

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

the only advice i have is live for your kids...they'll want you around, it hurt when you lost your mum right? so it'll hurt if they lose theirs!