How Do You Cope?

I've read some of these stories, where people have put up with depression for years, and I really don't understand how you can put up with it for so long. I've been suffering from it for a couple of years now, and I've already found it so difficult that I can't and don't want to cope anymore. How do you do, I know people just say do things to keep yourself busy, and spend time with your friends and family and people that you wanna be with, but in my mind, all always comes back to the same things, and I don't think I could ever put up with it for as long as some people have. How do you do it?
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2007

I have had depression for over 10 years now! Ive had alot of difficulty dealing with it. Im on meds now....but, sometimes that doesnt help either. Life can be tough. I try to pick myself up by my boot straps and keep going! I try to do things like everyone else has stated. I find them soothing...but, its not a cure all for me. I do so many different things to keep my mind occupied. Im here with the rest just to keep going. My life has gotten better in so many ways, I wish you the best and hope that things can get better!

I agree with my fellow members who say "What other choice is there?" You can either curl up and give in, or you can do something. <br />
I'm not going to let my son grow up without a father, or hearing that his father was just a loser. In my case, it's that simple. Others here have their motivations, and they're just as good.

I find I have good days and bad days - suffering from depression for 6 years now. It's been a long, hard road for me, and days like today, I just want to empty the medicine cabinet into my stomach and see what happens. So why don't I??? Sounds like such a great idea when I feel like I do right now...but it's a selfish act and I just can't imagine my children's lives without me....

I get what you mean Sez, I have also not been suffering for a long time, but it seems so hard to put up with, but as randomdriftwood has said, what other choice is there? I'm sure it can be gotten over, it'll just take alot of time and effort.

What other choice is there? Well there is one other choice but I gave up trying to achieve that, you can only have your stomach pumped/be revived so many times. I figure there must be a point if I'm still walk after all that. I know what I'm saying isn't hugely uplifting but the point is you either get lucky and find a good medication combo or you learn to just live with it (maybe through therapy). It does get a bit easier as time goes on because everyday that passes is another day you got through. <br />