Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On

I battle depresion like so many other people i am a single mum with two beautiful children no job but am trying hard to get one I have good days and realy bad days. I have no single friends and my family are distant from me due to my marrriage break up. But I am tring to move a head hopefully I will get a break and start living again

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Sweet heart.<br />
The only miracle in the world is a single mother still making time to tend to thier every need and surviving.<br />
Your story touched me I honestly teared up.<br />
My mother was in exactly the same situation and I know it was so soooo hard for her, but things she has done I still resent her.<br />
<br />
Your children will be so appreciative and turn out amazing I bet =]

It sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now. EP is a great place to find companionship and support, and I hope that it can help you find the support you need to start living again.