A Battle I Will Beat

I have been battling with depressing since I was about 14.  It has caused many problems in my life.  The worst part of it is admitting you are depressed.  Saying I am depressed is like admitting a weakness I have that is unacceptable.  I tried several different medications but all had negative affects, including my boyfriend at the time accusing me of being crazy for having to take them.  Now I battle with my up and down moods every day.  I have feelings of lonliness and emptiness.  Sometimes you feel like life is hopeless.  You feel like no one could possible understand the way you are feeling.

  All I can say is I know I will beat this and I won't stop fighting it.  Life is too short to deal with this.  Now all I have to do is convince myself of that when I'm at one of my low points.

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22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2007

i know exactly how you feel. i almost constantly feel the same way, and it sucks. try talking to a doctor...not a psychiatrist who would put you on meds, but a psychologist, who will only put you on a big comfy couch and let you talk. it feels good to talk to someone neutral and who has no bias.

I know that feeling all too well. I'm just wondering, is there a specific reason for your feeling like that, or is it just constantly gnawing at you for no tangible reason? Personally, I know exactly why I feel lonely and empty, and I know how to fix things, it's just going to take a while.<br />
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Also, if your boyfriend at the time is calling you crazy and not being understanding, what are you doing with that tool? Find somebody that cares about more than just themselves (unfortunately easier said than done.)