Depression Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

hello all. my name is scotty. my depression started the moment my wife asked for a seperation. that one question broke my world into a million pieces. ever since i havent felt like the carefree happy person i once was. i was the quiet but really nice kid back in junior high and high school. i was always being made fun of for not being good looking, being a little fat, not being smart enough, and not being popular. thru all that **** i went thru i still was the sweetest guy a girl could ever ask for. i tried countless ways to get a girl to like me and go out with me but to no avail. stupid high school and its stereotypical rules of dating. you know what i mean. only date the jocks, only date the smart guys, only date the guys who are skinny and that make fun of other pppl. makes me sick. my own cousin even made fun of me like the others even tho i protected him when others would pick on him and make fun of him. someone wanted to hurt my cousin i would take the beating for him just so he can turn around and laugh at me with them. and the girls......... i was so sweet to girls back then but to my curse i got nothing. all i got was a lot of loneliness and refection from pretty girls who were blind.

but thru it all i graduated and left that life behind me. i was doing alot better moving and starting my life as an adult. i met a girl and she actually like me. we got married months later and were happy til after she had the baby.  things were ok after that but it all went downhill. my wife more and more lost interest in me and cut me off from everything and i mean everything. i quickly felt like i was living as a singles man again. when i find a new girl and show interest in her as a friend is when my wife starts to notice that im alive again but it was too late. she had cut me off and rejected me for far too long. next thing i know she asked for a seperation and now we are no longer together. i have a gf now but things arent that much better. she has depression and social anxiety issues. trying to get affection out of her is like getting my wife to love me again. lol.

oh well what am i to do!!! i guess this is my life might as well learn to accept it.

lostinmyheart lostinmyheart
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

this would be a hard situation for anyone!