Ive Been Abused My Whole Life and Its So Hard to Keep Friends Or to Trust Anyone

my mother is a drugie and she's been abusing me since i was 3 years old she would never hit my sisters it was only me its like she never wanted me born and shes says that all the time my sisters would always hit me too its like what did i do wrong to get treated the way i do ive been in and out of foster care since age 6 my father died  when i was 6 of a drive by i was born and raised in brooklyn new york so its so hard to trust and to keep any of my friends i do stuipd things to push them away so i cant get close to them i need help and i really do want to trust people and to be happy i cry every night over my whole life im 16 years old now i really need the help

babikay babikay
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2009