Fluoxetine Yes/no

I have been depressed most of my life. Last year, after a third try, my GP finally admitted that I have depression.(boy, was I happy) He gave me Fluoxetine. After a month or so these kicked in and I felt good, or rather I didn't feel bad. I was just numb. After seeing him again the next month, I was prescribed more and he told me as I was felling better he would take me off them. This I could not understand. I ran out of them two months ago and am nearly back to what I was before I went on them. I see very little point in being on them for a month or two at a time then going back to how things were.

updated: 19th Jan 2010

I came off them after a few months, just stopped completely even though my GP 'told' me not to stop them, just to wean myself off them. The depression affected my testosterone levels (or visa versa) and I was on Testogel which helped relieve the constant tiredness. I was feeling better. However I lost my job just before Christmas so it was pretty much back to square one. As one door closes another one slams in yer face.

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I hear ya. I have never been on that stuff, and I thought I'd been on everything. Sometimes I wonder how I would feel if I'd just get off what I'm on. But I won't. I thought Paxil made me feel numb, so to hell with that.

How have you been since you posted this? Are you still seeing your GP? If so and you're not taking any meds, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a trial of an anti-depressant. The right medication makes a world of difference.

**** THAT, tell some fcuk why your depressed, i am a fcuk by the way so..... DONT FORGET I LOVE YOU, TRULY I DO

i had to get off it too strong i take pristiq now and am much better