The Worst Thing About Depression

The worst thing about depression its a thing that makes people phobic, its thats its a foretaste of death. Reality loses its substance and becomes ghostly transparent, unbelievable. this perception of whats outsidee infects the perception of the self, which explains why depressed people feel like they arnt there

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

your obviously cheerfull, but it's true in know what you mean, it can be f'ed to explain ****, especially when you close your eyes and open them again to see the same **** around you........... WHATEVER BABES CHEER UP ..... your beautiful, your beautiful it's true...... don't the lyrics.... F OFF I KNOW IT'S NOT THAT PHILOSOPHICAL, WELL F U, WHO TOLD U TO FOLLOW ME ANYWAY.... I LOVE YOU BABES xoxoxox