I Have Never Been Happy

I don't think their has ever been a moment where i have felt happy. these days i sleep alot, maybe up to 12 to 16 hours, it also doesn't help that my dad is holding me ransom by not letting me go to college until he thinks I am ready. am not sure am depressed cause the times I see my "friends" which are very few they don't seem to see anything wrong with me. subconciously I think I want someone to find out and maybe help me.

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

ALAS, I HAVE RETTTURRRNNNEEEDDDD...... so what's up babes, why no happiness, don't be afraid to say your fed in the head, tell me when ***** been twisted in your life, let me tell you i've had some messed thoughts, so does everyone, just never act on em, don't know if im helping at all though. SHOVE A PINECONE IN YOUR PAPIES ANOOOS. tell him wazzzup, tell someone wazzzup. I'm telling you the best sympathy is empathy, talk to me sexah. xoxoxoxox