First Time Home In 4 Years.

I remember leaving . I had just graduated from high school and now I was on my way to  the Army. Only three weeks removed from school and 17 years old. I was very nervous I have a rather larger family and I haven't spent much time apart from them. I wanted to do this though. I needed to prove to myself that I could make it on my own. All I ever wanted to do was get out of this town in central Indiana. My depression started as early as middle school. There was no reason for it I fit in well at school and was a star sports player. I had the girlfriend everyone wanted and a family life that people envied. These past 4 years have been lonely. I have moved around so much that I failed to keep in contact with some service members I would consider to be my friend. I have been to far distant lands and seen some crazy things , but the one constant was that I was always alone. My family has moved to all corners of the United States and there is no one left where I grew up and lived for 18 years. I have two weeks of leave (vacation) and I am spending it in my town. Once I got a few miles away from my old house childhood memories started to take over. I loved this place then and I do now. It is so peaceful out here and for that moment I felt more happiness in three minutes then I have in the last decade. I had finally arrived. I drove real slow around the old neighborhood and noticed there were no changes. As I got closer to my house I saw a "For Sale" sign in the yard. I walked up to the door and it had been mistakenly left unlocked. I went inside and sat in my old room for a while. That was all I needed and I would be on my way to visit old friends now. It doesn't take much to get me heading in the right direction and this story may not make sense to most , but it really helped me. I do like to visit family members , but as long as I know they are doing well then I can go a considerable amount of time without seeing them. I have battled depression for a long time and every now and then even if it is just for a moment I feel that I can beat it.

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DUDE! THAT MUST HAVE BEEN SICK i had a crappy childhood actually living in my old apartment, except for the video games, if i were to go in there and lie down where i had slept!! :0 i would have went nuts!!!! so manny memories rushing to you, good, bad, who cares right? it's your f'ing childhood, BIG LOVE HOLMES