Depression Sucks

i have fought depression for as long as i can remember, it has been so long now that i really dont feel anything. and just recently this girl i really was crazy over, put her boyfriend up to telling me she is not interested, so i had to hear it from him. i was soooo pissed at the way he treated on the phone, so i went off and tore up my room. after that, i just felt blank, like there was nothing else in the world, it seemed as if i were alone in the whole wide world. i have no feelings what so ever for her anymore. so at least some good cane come from crippling depression.

reedmiley reedmiley
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

That's what **** is made for fellow bretherin, I LOVE YOU BABE, why are you depressed sanje? TELL ME EVERTHING MMNNNBOI I WANT TO HEAR IT ALL