Day After Day

My life is as follows. I have not been happy for a long time, I hide it very well but lately it has not been so easy. I’m having trouble even making small talk with my friends . . . the ones that are left anyway, I find it difficult to keep up with life and what people expect of me. I’m falling behind . . . I don’t like going to bed feeling depressed knowing I have to wake up in the morning. I just would like something to go right in my life once in a while . . . I got hit with life and it’s bitter taste while dealing with depression which made it worse . . . fell in love with a woman who didn’t bother to tell me she was married for almost a year until she was done with me . . . it wrecked me I couldn’t focus on work lost my job and my place . . . moved back home. . . ended up working in my Father’s musical supplies business  not long after I had to deal with the death of my buddy (dog) . . . not long after that my friend tried to hang himself. . . and on and on . . . I just need a break . . .i feel something in me... I felt it for years. . . I’m tired

glad i could get some of this out ...just knowing i'm not alone in the way i feel gives me some sense of relief no matter how little


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3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

im sorry maybe youll find someone soon!

That's terrible, sadly that's the way the world is. People who don't deserve it suffer endlessly. But you've come to the right place, people here are great and are more than willing to talk to you, including myself. In my opinion you need an escape. Just take a week off, drop everything and fall off the grid for a few days. Do things that you really enjoy and try and push all of this **** out of your mind, I know how truly toxic it can be. If you ever want to talk, just send me a message.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you my friend

That's how life is: pain and suffering, gots ta find a reason to hold on nigs, dude, im telling to ******* everyone, you have to get **** off of your mind, say what's up, everything you've ever thought of, the human mind can be F'ED UP! I know, i find myself not being able to stop thinking about bull shnizze, you need to laugh buddy, TALK TO ME PLEASE IM SO LONELY