I CAN'T GET ******* WORDS AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE OUT OF MY BRAIN, IT ******* KILLS ME, think about this, and I know it's completely idiotic: I tore it in two, does this mean you were in two when you tore it? That's what it means grammatically, least I think so.... I noticed a lot of the **** we say carries many holes in the structure and you have to fill them up with just **** that is implied and comes naturally to us. someone explain the use of it, that, and to in sentences, or when someone says, as an example, "pass me that apple" (person 2 goes) as in the red apple. Explain to me how this makes sense when  you take into account the  meanings of  as and  in, I think i am very close to solving this *****. FOR THE LOVE OF **** DON'T EVER LET THIS **** TAKE YOUR ******* BRAIN OVER.......... OR I WILL COME TO YOUR HOME AND CUT U! ps. im telling you if you have some ******* problem say it to the world, when it's bottled up it seems much worse then it really is, keep a journal or some **** for **** sake, also im not too depressed and it was what i mentioned at the beginning of my story and other **** that had me down for a while, i just want this **** over with, NYAGGAH BETCH PEACE MY SISTER AND BROTHER AND ****** OF THE MOTHERS

gurd4life gurd4life
5 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Do you talk really fast? or have ADD?

no i just f around when typing sh it cuz i dont take this form of communication too seriously

bwahaha! i swear this same stuff happens inside my head too!

different but i enjoyed!

dude, yur g a y

dude, yur g a y