Since I Was Young

i was diagnosed with depression when i was in 5th grade they said i would get over it that it was just because all my friends had moved away. Then my freshmen year of highschool they decided to send me a theripist and i didnt really like to tell her much so i made her think it was just boy issues which wasnt the case when i was younger i had a new boyfriend everyother week now dont think im nasty or anything i was young and thats pretty much how things worked we didnt ever do anything it was just a "title" he was my boyfriend and i was his girlfriend that was the end of the story. Now that my husband is gine im finding more and more to be depressed about...the fact that i dont know if i can have family....the fact that i cant find a job....i only get to talk to him for a few min at a time because we never seem to have anything to talk about...we fight alot now that he is gone and the big one HE IS GONE they have tryed putting me on prozac and that seemed to work but i stopped goin to the doc. and missed a few apointments and when i was little i missed a few and now they are sayn that adding all those together i have missed too many to come back and i can not seem to find a doctor so now that i am not on my "happy pills" as everyone calls them i have noticed i am gaining more weight because i eat my emotions ( i know most people look at that as an exuse to eat more) and i do nothing at all i dont wanna go anywhere and yes i am a female who hates shopping i like to make a list go in and get what i need and leave and i feel like i am going to cry every second i am awake

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I'm sorry you feel this way. when you get off your meds it gets alot worse you'll have to keep taking them and get an appointment with the doc again. Find one small thing that makes you happy and take it day by day