Damn Blues

Hi all, I'm new to this site but unfortunately all too familiar with depression! Reckon I'm dysthymic, but every few yrs have a serious downer! Have a sinking feeling that i heading that way now! Work has been stressful of late, & i'm starting to lose my temper more at work. Eating more, getting fatter! Bosses getting involved also, not helpful at the mo! Sleep has been poor recently, plus more headaches. Walking round town the other day like some lost soul! It's like one big vicious circle at the mo!

What doesn't help though is that i'm often my own worst enemy...constantly worrying-probably most of it is trivial things! i keep playing conversations over & over again in my head. thinking, what if? If only i said that, not that, etc!

Just wish i could change my mind, literally!

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your not alone, maybe we could all join hands and wander around together

Hi botable<br />
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i'm not ashamed in seeking help, but other health matters complicate use of anti-depressants. Been on 5 diff a.d.'s in past with no luck. Gp thinking of prozac next?@! i'm thinking is he mad?! also follow-up care is lacking! I'm gettin depressed, but nowhere as bad as prev, believe me! Just worried with slippery slope i'm on at the mo!<br />
Hope ur doing better now!

Been there and not only was emotionally ill but worring made me physically ill with stomach bleeding. Thank goodness I finally got the help I needed. There are some great medications out there expecially if you find the right one. there is no shame ingettingthe help you need. I did and I still have some rough spots but nothing like before and nothing I can't handle. Best of luck

Well I do the same thing with the conversations in my head. I've tried to stop doing that. I even have conversations that have not happened. I just speculate on a possible conversation and the most likely responses I would get from the person. They are rarely if ever even close to accurate. So I am trying now to have no expectations of situations. It's really difficult during times of depression, I know from experience.