Need Hope.

"i need hope" is what i just Googled, and among many religuis sites looking to exploit people in their week moments ive found this one, so heres my story.

I know i have a high IQ and i consider myself as an intelligent guy but somehow i have failed at school and now im failing at college.

I know my looks is avrege+  but i still i fail miserably with the other sex.

People tell me i have a great sense of humr but still i fail at social life.

The list goes on and on, basicly im so used at failing at everything i dont know any other option.

Even my dear parents who always loved me and belived at me seem to lose faith in me, my dad stoped saying this same old sentence i hated so much "when are goign to find a nice girl?" and my mom stoped encouraging me to go and study alittle more.
I never tought ill miss hearing these words but i am.

So the situation is simple, i see people all around me get their college degree and i fail, i see people my age getting married and starting a family and i fail, i see people who love me losing faith in me.

My name is Yuri im 24 from Israel, i have a good heart and i know something good will eventually happen, im not loosing hope and im waiting.

but what if it doesnt?



UriDude UriDude
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I too have been blessed with loving supportive family, enough money, etc., etc., every opportunity....and I mess them up when my depression is at a low. I just stop not show up at work....I am sick of dissappointing people and i want love....38 years old and can't believe i am in the same place...good for you for reaching out...wish i had the answer!

Maybe you're failing at college because you haven't found that thing that you love enough to do that, instead of doing what you think you "should" do. I tried little tricks with myself, like if I read ten pages of my assigned chapter, I could read a chapter of my favorite fiction. Or some other system of challenges and rewards. And as far as failing socially, we all do that. ALL OF US!!! Are you really trying or just hoping something will strike you like a lightning bolt? Either way, if you're looking for "love," you have to be open to it. So just stay busy, out in public whenever possible, and maybe that lightning bolt will strike! Try studying in public places like the student union or a restaurant or bar..... people will ask what you are doing and that's a conversation starter. You don't need to let me know how it's going...... just try it. Good luck!