Do I Have Depression?

I think about suicide often... pretty much every day. On and off, when things are going well I say to myself " What was I thinking I dont want to kill myself I was an idiot for even thinking that", but when things are going bad it crosses my mind constantly. Deep down, I'm pretty sure that I will never attempt it but I just have so much pain way too often, I just want it all to end... My life is up and down all the time, for years. Nothing is consistant. I have no friends, no life, no girlfriend... nothing. My self confidence was shattered in high school and since then its been pretty much downhill since then. My problem is now socially, since I have been verbally bashed by so many people I find that if I try to go out and do things I will just be shunned out again eventually. But I don't even know how to make a friend or meet a new group of friends. I'm so alone and I dont know what to do. Should I seek professional help?

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hi echo<br />
Have you seek inside your soul to see why people bash you?<br />
Anyone who feels alone and thinks about suicide needs a good support group it seems you lack that. Please seek some professional maybe you won’t need as many visits to feel better. It might be a chemical imbalance too.

I am not a professional, so I can't say for sure, but I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and I can honestly say that BEFORE I got treatment for it, I felt this way too. Consequently, I strongly urge to seek out professional help. You don't have to continue on like this. There IS help. However, for your own safety/security, I recommend that you get more than one opinion. <br />
<br />
Meanwhile, I am a life coach and I would be happy to help you out, if you'd like to talk. Feel free to message me. Blessings!