Medication Or Meditation?

After being convinced by a caring mentor / freind, I agreed see my GP who prescribed anti depressents (20mg Citolopgragm) for my "moderate" depression. I have since taken them for more than four months and can gratefully say that they definately take "the edge" off things. I am far more "cool" about most things in life that used to annoy me or make me feel nerveous. I am subsequently more confident when out in public. I recently accidently missed my dosage for two consecutive days and felt positively edgy and unbalanced - a small reminder of what my life was like before I went onto the medication.

The only two noticable side effects I noticed are:

1) Do not enjoy alchohol any more (Boo hoo!)

2) (this a is strange one) I relate differently to music and film. They no longer have a "grip" on me. This I find disturbing - It's as if part of my mind has gone blunt. It does perhaps give some insight into how the drug works. Perhaps it "mutes" the emotions.

I recently partook in a self- healing Reiki class and though I am inconsistant (my middle name...) with the advised daily self healing schedule, I strongly believe that this (or other regular Meditation or self awareness routines) are the ideal and natural way out of depression. Is it not how we behave (CBT) and and how we perceive ourselves that influence how we feel - both of which we directly and accurately effect by regular introspection?..

 I would love to hear from anyone who has found meditation to be a cure for their depression.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Hello. I take the same medication in a stronger dose 40 mg. My ex therapist did recommend breathing techniques or yoga class. I tired a couple but didn’t feel like consistently going. Which probably led to my downfall. Now I’m stuck in a cycle. Only hours of happiness a day and depression for the rest. I also have insomnia which I stop taking meds for. What I learned was an 1 or 2 of exercise really help with my insomnia and depression. The downside is having to do this routine. I was once on different medication with a lower dosage too. Truth is I wasn’t motive enough to better my life and expected the pills to solve my problems.<br />
Glad you are doing better.