Depression Sucks

i have battled depression my entire life.ive attempted suicide a few times because of depression.its a dark hole thats difficult to crawl out sucks you in and drains you out. feelings of unworthiness,low self esteem and emptiness are all u know when feels like your very breath is getting sucked out of you. i hate depression coz its costed me and made me determined to win against dad committed suicide because of depression and i will not go down that way... im going to win this war against you depression.have to...i want peace and joy in my life...
starly starly
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 13, 2007

I too battle with depression and have lost a loved one to suicide my brother, so I can relate to your feelings, Take care stella

That's really great Starly. You know that you don't want to die. Knowing that you want peace and joy is a start. What are you going to do to have peace and joy? <br />
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I feel the same way. It's very difficult. Keep sharing your negative emotions to release it out of you. Talking about it is like a vacuum sucking your depression out of you. <br />
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Then, reward yourself afterwards for doing a good job to keep that positive emotion going. Whatever you feel are rewards for yourself that will give you peace and joy. Things you really love. For example, ice cream, watching a movie, taking walks in the park, being there for a friend, etc.