Somedays I feel like no one wants me around that I'm to ugly I cut my wrist sometimes I hate myself I'm bullied and harassed at school πŸ˜”
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Love u

Love u too

Love ya

Sweetheart God loves you. You will be fine everything would workout OK. Have faith and love in your heart. Talk to someone.

How is your relationship with your parents. Many times, attitudes at home cause you to feel low self-esteem. Maybe you can talk to your school counsellor and tell about the bullying.

Tell someone you trust and see your doctor. Cutting might make you feel better but it's a maladaptive coping strategy and with proper help you can learn to cope in better ways. Also if your being bullied report it, I know here schools have a duty of care to protect there students and staff from this kind of behaviour and some of this behaviour is actually criminal and those carrying it out can be charged. You have a right to feel safe

I have reported it and nothing happened

Then go over there head, schools are workplaces so go to whoever handles workplace health and safety legislation where you live

report it again. Maybe they don't want to get involved but if you approach them a number of times, they may do something just to get you off their backs.

It's hard to suggest where to go because I don't know which country your in or the laws there (unless it's Australia). If you were here I would suggest going to work safe, the human rights commission and the education department if the school won't help you and also depending on the types of bullying and harassment the cops too but thats going to depend where you live.

There are cops at my school they don't do anything

Report it again as was suggested above and keep reporting it. Maybe take it to your local MP as well

You have an absolute right to feel safe

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I know all to well what you're going through. I was bullied and harassed, had low self esteem, felt unloved and unwanted. I have held a blade to my wrist but thankfully never went beyond that. Please don't hate yourself. Be assured that you are a valued person. If nothing else please keep in mind those that do love you and want you in their lives. I know it is hard to do sometimes. I wish you well.

You life might get better.

Same here but trust me your worth much more than the blade I know it's hard to feel loved in a situation like that but you are

Thanks ☺️