I keep getting knocked down and keep getting back up and lifting my head up high. But I think I have reached my limit. I've had some of the darkest moments in my life and have tried suicide, but someone saved me... Now I'm at that point again and I promised myself I would never get here but here I am, one bad thing after another keeps happening, I don't see the light anymore... Is there a point to keep moving forward again???
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Always worthwhile moving forward... The road may twist and turn.. The bumps may be turbulent..
but it will all settle down in the end 🌹

They say when you've hit rock bottom the only place to go Is up, it's hard but even the smallest tinge of what to be greatful for can turn into handfuls.. Lot easier to give advice than take it

To you be more detailed. It's hard to give advise if we don't know what you've experienced. This is totally anonymous, so you have nothing to fear.

im totally with you :(

I honestly don't know. I am the same position as you are and I honestly don't know