I think my depression is getting really bad now. It's to the point where food has lost it's taste and I can't hold a smile anymore.
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I'm really sorry. We have a lot in common, if you want to message me anytime feel free also I'll reply faster in kik my name is thegreenbeangeek

It's hard to deal with stress at your age, and then complicated even more with your young female hormones flourishing. Take this very seriously...many symptoms of depression, especially in children and teens is a result of vitamin/mineral deficiencies--fast foods--processed foods--not eating enough. If your not outdoors getting enough sunlight, be sure to take at least 1,000 iu vitamin D3 daily. Most children/people are magnesium deficient, if you have a poor processed diet take a high quality magnesium supplement/ avoid magnesium oxide the body only absorbs around 10% so its a waist of money. Potassium Iodide is a very important supplement. Google vitamin/mineral deficiencies / depression. Eat as healthy as you can this will help dramatically. Exercise & visualize the life you will lead... "Be confident in the fact that you are here for a reason. Your steps toward adulthood are paved with the footprints of millions of others who welcome you to find and fulfill your life to be whatever destiny you choose!" The total sum of our progress may be derived by calculating our exponential growth factor. "Smile! We need your story and your input!"

Thank you for your advice!

yeah life is a real ***** aint it

It really is but it's sad how I haven't really experienced much life and I'm like the saddest thing :(

its cool im the same as you im barely 17 and they have already shipped me off to a mental clinic /:

if you need someone to talk to i am availabe most of the time

They shipped you off to a mental clinic!? That's horrible!!

And thanks for caring I appreciate it. You can also talk to me if you're feeling low.