I feel like I'm the only person who gets depressed without any reasoning.. Like yeah I have a bad past and I get depressed over that sometimes BUT ill have days where my mind is blank and ill be depressed..

Non-depressed people seem to think I'm crazy when I tell them I'm depressed without anything on my mind :/
akaShaun akaShaun
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Me too! When I was in the mental ward I can't tell you how many times people asked me, so why are you depressed? Hmmm I don't know! If I did I would have tried to fix it already. Depression doesn't need a reason. The why is much less important then the how. How is this effecting you now? I've had many therapists try to find out why I was depressed. But what we depressed people really need is a list of coping mechanisms that will help lessen the pain.

Trust me, you aren't the only randomly depressed person. I even get depressed if I get too happy so I have to moderate my levels of happy. Take pride in knowing you're not the worst.

Depression isn't something that can be understood from everyone. You're not alone. I would recommend seeing a therapist to talk to and then see about any medications to help you.

I been through two therapist already.. I have medicine for anxiety but not depression