Debating if i should take the pills or not..
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If you are thinking of taking pills to kill yourself, I would advise not doing it. It is extremely hard to die from an OD. Chances are you will have liver failure instead a few days after taking the pills. It will be very painful and you will regret it. Trust me. I've been in your shoes. I tried to hang myself and I regret it everyday because i lost my families trust, had to go to a mental ward, and had to leave school for 9 months. I am now just starting to pick up the pieces.

Please see a doctor and get advice and treatment. Depression eventually leads to suicide.

Not for everybody it leads to suicide. I'm speaking from personal life experience on this because I have Bipolar and ADHD, and I am/was a cutter and I still have suicidal thoughts.

take what pills? I take medication for depression. It stops me from crying, doesn't make me laugh. But older than you, I'm sure. if you try the medicine you will feel better, who knows if you don.t try. joanne

please don't.

That's something you want to discuss with your doctor and parents. There are quite a number of causes of depression, and not all of them require medication. Talk to a professional, and they'll help you decide whether or not medication is right for you. Good luck and chin up!

Are they medication that the doctor gave you, or are you going to self-medicate.

Don't you dare :'(