Monday night I read a story about a 15 year old who killed here self because she was bullied and picked on, and had some family problems going on. When I say that I GET THIS, I do because I have dealt with this stuff since I was 12.

What upset me the most about this was because the kids were still making comments that she was better off dead. I didn't sleep much on Monday. It upset me so much that I was about ready to start cutting on my stomach again, and my feet so I wouldn't be able to walk.

I don't have all the answers to this guys and I don't claim to. What I'm trying to say that even the most skillful of us have our setbacks, and get tired of carrying the load that we end up having to carry. But this is where God and Jesus can come in and help. Because believe me they have a much bigger engine and their gas tank never gets empty. When it gets to much for me I have to admit that I don't have all the answers to any of this. But God does things on his own schedule, we can't see it.

I'm not pressing religion on anybody here, because sometimes I still have trouble walking by my faith and not by sight. Which means that I'm trying to solve a natural problem with natural means and that doesn't always work, so sometimes we have to ask for help. All things are how they should be in our lives until something needs to change, and because there are no accidents in life, because what has gotten us to this moment makes this moment perfect.

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