I just feel like a ****** person. Ugh.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Try and take each day o at a time. Remember your wins and put the rest behind you the best you can. Re-living mistakes of the past and looking too far ahead adds to entry in to the pit of depression.

Try something different and change your life. Something that takes some effort and challenging. Something you want to do. Just do something different and break the pattern of actions and thought.

You can beat this. just have empathy for yourself on the journey!

Why? It is because you don't think your beautiful? Is it from a bad decision you made? A loss? Maybe you don't think you are good binding with others?


Lol well, sounds like you are just stuck in the past my friend, you need to get up and get started do something with your time, if you have some to kill, you have the internet the greatest thing ever invented, find ways to build up your confidence look at the bright side never give yourself a second to sit/lay down without doing anything positive on your life. Don't think about what happened before set plans and think about what's ahead