Yes, I battle depression. Along with my boyfriend. He is an insomniac with depression and bipolar. We have had very difficult days where he scared me. We live together so we are together almost all the time. As much as it is difficult for him, more often than not, its between life and death. But, it's equally hard for me too. Im 24, he is my first boyfriend, and I never knew anyone with psychological issues before I met him, which was 6 years ago by the way. Sometimes, I wish I had some one to talk to about these things. How out of control things could get and how frustrating it can be over time. How, every time he says or does something he doesnt mean, I need to remind myself that he's not trying to hurt me. I feel like selfish jerk even for thinking like this. My brain knows it's ok for me to feel this, i'm a human too. I get tired of fighting, all the dramas. I make mistakes too. Mistakes that I can't forget or take back, mistakes that had hurt him so badly. But, I promised to myself I will do whatever it takes to put a smile on his face because he deserves it and more than that.
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I think I can help you :) We have all sinned, and God is just so He needs to punish that sin. The wages of sin is death, we will have eternal death. So God came in the flesh as Jesus the Christ the Son of God and man and died for our sins and rose again. If you believe in Him and put your full trust in Him for salvation and have faith by obeying Him, you will be saved. May God bless you