So I haven't been out for months. Not dates, of course, on which I haven't been for years, but just out with friends.
Today a friend asked me to go with her to a play in November (Yes. November), and I doubted since it was at night, and my baby is still too young to leave her. Then she said they had another show in the afternoon and then I said yes. But she was then arranging to go with someone else.
I can't stop crying. I know it's not her fault. She did nothing wrong except maybe not consider that what for her is just another entertainment evening for me it's "the event" since I have no life right now.
But it's like anything triggers the crying. I started feeling better a couple of days ago, but today I feel right on the bottom of the well again.
Everything goes back to darkness.
And I fight so hard to get those moments of light!
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I've been depressed before so I kinda understand what you're going through, no offense since I don't know you. Hey if you feel like you need to talk to someone, just msg me if you're interested? : )

Thank you sweetie. I'm just sick of crying all the time. My baby needs me whole.

Oh yeah, I hope you have better days. So you have a kid? It's good you want to be there for your child. : )

Yep. My only sunshine. But not enough. It gets harder and harder to stay strong.

Oh well um do you mind if we move this conve to inbox, if you're interested msg me? If you don't mind I'd like to help you feel better. : )

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did u say anything to her if she is a friend she won't get mad about u asking

What is there to ask? She did nothing wrong. It's me. And today I lost another friend (we kinda fought), and I'm all alone. Can't stand it much longer.

is not anyone there u can see or even go to the mall or movie

Don't have much time or energy. I'm a single mom and my baby is young, so I'm with her all the time. But this play I really wante to see, so I said yes anyway, and then I'd leave the baby with my mom for the afternoon. Terrible, terrible thing depression.

sorry to hear that

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