I may not ever "beat" depression, but the battle is easier now. Suicidal thoughts have been gone almost entirely. I've only had one episode in the last three years. The dark skies are clearing. Now it's only every once in a while I can hardly leave my house. The rest of the time is spent being able to be the person I want to be- happy. I did it alone. My friends supported me as much as they knew how but it's a battle they can't fight for you.
I won't tell those who suffer it's easy, I want say there is a mystical cure but there simply isn't. I got tired of my dark vortex 6 years ago. Therapists rejected me, and I had a singular friend. The first one in a few years. My childhood was lost to depression, and I was sick of feeling like the worst being there was. Getting out of the house was like dragging myself across blacktop.
So I educated myself on what depression actually is and what helps us tame the beast.
Expressing your feelings to others helps keep us from bottling up our emotions. But we need to do much more than that.

Start small-
Make a list of 3+ ---of the good that happened that day. It doesn't need to be a list of fantastic things that happened that day so "nothing" isn't an answer. Maybe you got out of bed, maybe you pet a dog, maybe you have a dog, or maybe you saw the sky, you have you favorite shirt, you listened to a song, you smiled at a stranger, you greeted someone, you didn't wear shoes, your shoes were comfy, you took off uncomfortable shoes, the laundry smells good, ate unburnt food, you ate burnt food, you smelled a flower, had a refreshing sneeze, Advil worked for your head ache.
Try to add things to the list ---every day, even if you don't want to. Even if it feels ridiculous. Remember, it doesn't have to be big. Go smell a flower, think about how comfortable your pillow is.

Here's my list of the good that happened today:
•my dogs were happy to see me •Torrid sent me an ad with cute stuff in it •I left the house today for an hour •the sky was gorgeous •the city view from my yard is fabulous •I'm wearing yoga pants •I don't do yoga •listened to music all day •I felt hungry •I signed up for a ceramics class this fall •cleaned my clothes •the sticker on my phone hasn't worn off yet.

The list is always longer than you think. Depression is like a blindfold that prevents you from seeing the list. The list is always there and the blindfold can be hard to move at first, but over time your muscles will build up and soon it'll move at your command. It may slide back on, but you can move it again. It will move.
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It's nice to hear someone say something like "I may not ever beat depression, but the battle is easier now" rather than a simple-minded (I was going to say air-headed, but I decided to be kind ;-) "depression is only as bad as you make it" kind of statement.
I view things around me more positively than I used to, and do keep reminding myself of the little things that make life bearable.

Or my favorite "just be happy and get over it"

Yes. I can almost hear an inane giggle, that should occur after a statement like that. LOL!

I'm glad you've been able to become happier. I'm hoping that the occasional positive message is going to help bring people some hope on "I battle depression" because the constant negativity (while it does let others know they aren't alone which is good) can be detrimental to others. Especially since everyone will find a way that works best for them.
I think that's something the general population needs to understand and have empathy to. Misguided advice saying that "do this and you'll be better now" is not helpful at all.

Thank you. I love the idea of three things that are positive a day. My counselor says to journal but when I do it's so negative. I also have struggled for a long time. Since middle school.

I've had depression since 3rd grade, this is something my mother taught me when I was complaining too much

Sorry about the •
I was trying to be clever and put bullet points but EP doesn't take special symbols I suppose.

I hope a lot of ppl here read this

Thank you, when I'm having a particularly rough day I write one of these here so people can read it. I try to let people know there is a way out. We can all be the happy people we envy.

still trying to get there myself

I don't think being happy will ever be easy, not even for those who don't have depression. For us, fighting a chemical imbalance means we have to find things to do that naturally increases our dopamine levels. Which is why dogs are specifically on the list. We have a symbiotic relationship with them that creates a relaxed feeling that lowers blood pressure and increases dopamine levels when we pet them.
The sky as well, natural light does wonders for dopamine levels.

most ppl ur age don't know about things like that

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