The worst thing about health problems is the depression that follows. The two go hand in hand. Unfortunately the mitochondrial disorders my daughter and I have increases those odds as well. I clawed my way out of that deep dark hole twenty years ago, but now I'm in so much pain, unable to do normal daily household chores,a burden on my family. I was doing good for a few years, doing my best to be my twenty year old daughters biggest cheerleader. Then I started getting bad. When both our labs came back all out of wack, mine double of hers, which I'm glad, hers wasn't worse than they already are. See I didn't know I had a genetic disorder when I had children. Anyway within the past month she lost her CNA job, had a miscarriage, and tried to commit suicide. She's been in the hospital for mental health treatment, but it's not like it was twenty years ago where you get thirty days, now your lucky to get five, what the hell my daughter deserves even better treatment that 20 years. Now our disorders are out of control and no doctor's know nothing about it saying sorry no cure! I'm at a loss, I had a dream last night of me and my daughter saying goodbye to my husband and son to go on a road trip and pulling a Thelma and Louise. I woke up quite disturbed. I want a doctor to fix my daughter I can live happy and endure anything as long as she gets her miracle!
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have u tried doctors in other countries if there is one in the US

Saw a specialist in St Louis, Mo last month. Ended up a dead end! Other countries, no we haven't!

might be worth a try so never know

I've gotten on the mitochondrial medical journals, the UK know a lot more. Getting connected with a doctor or even an author is road block after road block. I have asked our primary doc to help, he got us as far as the next state over! Lol!

well sorry I really don't know else to say

It's okay, I rack my brain daily! Thanks for talking though, I hope your night goes good!

slow but ok thanks

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