No Idea What to Do

i think i'm depressed mostly just because i'm lonely. i live in a town where i'm not close to anyone - used to have some close friends but they have all moved within the last few years. i'm kind of stuck because of a work issue - i have a job that pays the bills and has benefits and i'm not exactly someone with a lot of skills or experience so i haven't been able to relocate. 

i tend to be pretty friendly only to people who i feel comfortable with, which doesn't happen that often. i don't get anxious, i function just fine, but i've only had very few close friends in my life.

i take lost of medication but it pretty much only controls non-depression mental health issues. 

i would like to eventually move to live closer to people i am close to since i feel like i'm a difficult long distance friend - i'm never calling with a good story, just to say that i'm really feeling awful and miss everyone. the thing i dread is this is going to involve having to go back to school and i'm horrible at school. 

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Feb 27, 2009