Well here I am... Awake and still alive..

Sane dreams, all nightmares. Same prayers, the one that doesn't cone my reality...

They life is the one thing we know that can hit us hard, and fast. Well its true... That's why us abused don't want to live life.... Cause we get tired of the abuse.
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31-35, M
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Life is a long struggle with constant obsticules and challenges! Everyone has struggles in their lives! And everyones tolerence is different. I find that when i feel low and havnt a tough time or a really tough time as i've had all i am able too see is whats wrong! It takes a better person then me to see the good in the struggles on my own. I've had a time in my life where i believed nothing could bring me down and that what i had in my life made me unbreakable and immune to any obsticles! But i lost the two things that put me there in the first place! And i realised how wrong i was. Whether you can see it on your own or not there is ALWAYS a way you can go to improve things if you cant see it. Then ask somebody to help show you the way! Talk too someone son if your at this stage then you have nothing too lose by talking 😉 message me if happy to

Hey Im here to listen if u need a friend to vent or talk to or u want advice from someone who truly understands. Xo

Our knee jerk reaction upon seeing a wound is to cover it up. But that's not how it heals. Sometimes you need to tear the wound open and clean it out, before it can heal.Let it out and give life another chance. :)

You must be really tired both physically and emotionally. I hope you feel better in no time. You will endure this. :)

I would tell you to hang in there but I think that's not the point, the point is to rise above. I hope you manage it and get better soon.