And there it starts...

I start remembering her and how she said we were meant to be and how things were so great...

Here I am... Asking myself if there is even one person out there that matters...

Honestly... So many people say cheer up things will get better. But none of them come back and ask how things are...

Its like everything else... I'm just forgotten and alone... And that's worst than death!
lostunit lostunit
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Hey, just wanna let you know that you're not forgotten. I sent you a message telling you I'm glad you're still here and I meant it. Every time I come to this sight I feel relieved when i see that you've posted something. I'm praying for you and I hope you begin to see and understand that you're a valuable person

Hey Im here to listen if u need a friend to vent or talk to or u want advice from someone who truly understands. Xo

Nice blue eyes you got.

Advice be nice, but I don't know what advice you could give. Someone to vent to... Not that kinda upset and venting gets me into trouble. Talk to you would be like talking to anyone else... No offense.

Like I said no offense I'm sure your nice, if that's your picture you look pretty nice. But in the aftermath, I'm not good enough for you to be wasting your time on.

I'm damaged beyond repair, I'm hurt and broken. And no one in my life...

Beautiful memories are fuel for the future. You'll never be forgotten.

Was fuel... It blew up remember.

All of it. Just ashes... And no matter what I try... I can't find a method that will kill me...

******* Canadian laws!

No one has forsaken you. You have forsaken yourself. Love and sunsets are out there. Youre the one who chooses to fear them.

To fear death means to fear life. To fear life, means to fear reality.

We will always fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.

I don't fear death.

And let's face it. We are all just as ignorant of death than that of our own future aren't we?

Yes we are, but you seemed to miss my point. You fear life. You refuse to try because you're terrified of losing again. All you need is the tiniest hint that maybe you won't lose. Maybe you won't.

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