You ever just sit there and think.. About everything?

The past, present and future? Remembering a time when you didn't struggle.. A time when you weren't filled with pain?
Imagining what your future will be like?

Yeah that's me every day.
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One of the problems when we are depressed is that we tend to focus too much on the past (how much better it was, or how terrible it was leading to our being miserable) and on the future (how hopeless it is, or how much we fear it or worry about it). One way to overcome depression is to focus as much as possible on the present moment without thinking of the past (not even of yesterday) nor the future (not even tomorrow) but just the here and the now. Current problems are easier to handle if one does not add on to them borrowing trouble from the past or future, or comparing them to unattainable different times. Now is all we got, and all we really need to worry about. The trouble is that when depressed especially we do not tend to do that. Oh how often I have caught myself getting upset only to realize that I had been imagining a conversation with my mother for example that had not taken place yet but that I worried would take place. If I had focused instead only on what I was doing at that moment (driving home from work), I would have been much calmer.

I need to try this more..,

My present is no better than my past or future...

Got no one in my life...

But you have points

I am sorry that your present is no better, but even if it is not: if you worry only about the present, you will have less to worry about than if you worry about the present and about the past and the future.

Yup. And than remembering those times bring in the bad memories...

Being alone all the time it forces you to think