During the past month I've spiralled into depression again. It all came from making decisions about university. None of my family are talking to me for a number of silly reasons, I'm told I'm getting no support in university. On top of things I still hate my body and I feel as if my friends aren't truly there for me. I also hate my job, I'm too weak to lift heavy items which I'm constantly told to do. Right now I just feel as if the world is against me and I'm starting to become devoid of emotion. My dreams are extremely vivid and I can't help a suicidal voice in my head I'm scared :(
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22-25, F
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I guess, we should talk sometime, not sure if it'll help but I'll try my best!

Hey um I've beem depressed before so I kinda know how you feel, um if you feel like you need to talk to someone, I'm here just msg me if you're interested? : )

find someone to talk to it helps