I overdosed on pills ten years ago. I was 12. I've fought self mutilation and an ever consuming eating disorder. I have scars I've spent so long ashamed of. I survived the death of my little brother. I've survived double depression and I survive and have learned how to function and enjoy my life. God I am so grateful for the last ten years I almost never had. I would have lost some of the greatest moments in my life. Like making love, I would've missed visiting Vietnam with my best friend, I would've missed the birth of my son (he's a month old), I would've missed my first kiss and my first love. I would've missed the people that I love. Never give up.
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I wish you every happiness❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for sharing your story. You are a true survivor and you will definitely inspire others that are going through similar situations. Like you pointed out, besides some of the difficulties in our lives. Life also has some amazing and wonderful things for us all to experience in our life times. Thank's again for inspiring others not to give up. :)

Thank you MonetChere for sharing your triumph over depression. All the beautiful blessings/memories are a testament that you're on the right path. No matter what life throws at you, you'll not only survive You'll shine threw the darkness and find the light within. Namaste

Great story. You my dear,are an inspiration. Stay positive

When did you find your husband or boyfriend?

I started working (my first job) and my boyfriend had been hired only a few months before me. Our personalities were so close that we clashed constantly. But he was funny and entertaining and no matter how mad I wanted to be at him he always worked his way back into my heart.

That's great to hear (: I wish I could have something like that in the future...

It really was an accident. And it definitely wasn't love at first sight. I'm not sure why things happen the way they do. If you would've asked me if I thought I'd end up in love and with a baby with him I would have just laughed and laughed. Love will strike you in the most inconvenient and extraordinary way and once you get over the initial shock you'll love it. Just watch!

So are y'all both talkative or is one more than the other? If you don't mind

We maintain conversations very well. I have to say that he however talks more than I do, sometimes to the point of talking over me haha. He's incredibly opinionated, and while I am too it's usually only subjects I'm interested in that you can't get me to shut up about.

Haha (: I can tell, you love him very much. Since you seem to love talking about him, could you tell me some funny moments? And no I'm not a creeper, just curious cuz I'm just... Nothing. I just like to hear relationship stories is all.

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Good for you. I was given a second chance too. And it's 33 yrs later. I am disturbed by all the troubled youth here and have genuine concern for their mental health. You know as well as I how painful depression can be. I have to say that when I took that handful of sedatives, I really did have a sense of euphoria thinking that the pain and anxiety were going to finally be over with. Never did I even begin to think of the consequences I might face on a Christian level. Well, God wasn't ready for me. I haven't had quite the joy that you seem to have in your life but I know through prayer and patience things eventually get better. God sees that we have what we need. It's not necessarily going to be what we want but it's more than enough to keep us alive and well. I spend time here often searching out the troubled people and try to give them hope. Of course I mention prayer and believing in God but most of all for them to give life a chance. Tell them of my experiences and give them hope that things can get better. My life isn't perfect but I'm better off than a lot of people. I was happy to read your experience and just thought maybe you could help these people too. Especially the youth. They have the toughest time. Hormones changing and no experience in life to condition them for the things they're facing. I know you're busy with your new born and that's your #1 priority as is your husband but God's new commandment is for us to love one another. You may already be reaching out to them. I hope so. There just seem to be so many. Thanks for reading. Keith

This needs to be shared with other teens going thru pain and self harm. You ALWAYS have a future. Beautiful story

Thank you, I'm proud to be where I am. It's in my heart to open up and reach out to others like myself. Depression is such a cold place and I hope there's never a person in my life who ever lacks even the tiniest bit of warmth.

For the future. One day the sun will shine and darkness will disappear

Thanks for sharing and you have so much in store for your life. Keep pressing on.

good for u

Good for you!