many people told me that i've lost gained and asking me am i dieting or something?
but i just nod to them coz i dont want to tell them the truth, many of my friends calling me and asking me to go out or attend parties etc but i just reject all their invitation. i act like a fool for this past few months many things happened to me as usual until i cant handle it . i felt unhappy even if there's a good things happen to me,i feel trapped, my sleep has been disturbed or broken sleep, i feel lifeless more dead than alive, i feel like a failure, i feel that im a guilty person who deserves to be punished,the pleasure and joy has gone out of my life.painful memories always flashback on my mind than before since my childhood, the reason y i hate guys and somewhat my old fvckin friends who used me and the relatives who treat me like a garbage coz their fvckin rich until my parents notice it and decided to bring me to a professional help and now im taking my theraphy and i hope im going to be fine and be me again just like before and i know it takes time to heal my shatterred me.
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And when u do get to your old u, you will be a stronger person, and in 5 years when u look back on it, you will be happy that you went through that experience because you are that much stronger of a person

I will say something and I hope it doesn't hurt u, but you will not be "you" again, all experiences no matter how small, will change you forever. And some do more than others. So while your are trying to become your old you, embrace the new experiences and use them to make u happier

I believe in you and will b by your side

Therapy will help.. just be open and honest. Don't hold anything back and get it all out there. I know we don't know each other but I am here if you need to talk, I promise.

thank you :)

It's no problem :)

Don't listen to them what they are saying