28 Days To Go To My Suicide

I lost more of myself today. When you have depression it always makes people not want to be around you. Which is ironic because that is the time you need people the most.

When your carefree or busy everybody seems to want your time. Its a cold day today. Most of the trees are dead or dormant.

Which is exactly what I feel about my will to live. 28 days left.
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Don't go we need u

"When you have depression it always makes people not want to be around you." YES.... this is the brutal, double-injury of depression. You hurt like hell. And then, because you hurt like hell, you can not get the love and affirmation to help you through. I understand this totally and struggle with the same question. I do not have an answer, it is a paradox without an answer. All I can do is say, YES, I understand this place you are in. And to ask you to consider other paths and perspectives that will allow you to stay here in life. There are other paths... NONE of them are easy or bring immediate relief from the pain. But there are paths out.And yes, as others have said, make an appointment with a counselor. Love to you.~gwyon~

Listen man. Suicide sucks, don't do it. My dad did it and it tore my whole family in half, I literally am the only person who has dealt with it and put it past me. What I'm trying to say is, people love you, no matter what. Whether you think they're leaving you or you're driving them away, it's bullshit, deal with it. People love you man, you could well be talking to your best friend right now. Maybe talking about it isn't the best thing. Instead of ending your life, make something of it! Go travelling, bungee jump, skydive! I have a whole list of things you could do! There is an answer to everything, ask me and I'll answer you as best as I can. But I can assure you, you've got a friend right here, and you can't hear me, but I'll talk to you.

Please dont kill yourself i have been down this path many times and stay strong and if you can stronger i would suggest eat chocolate with a banana it could help your depression i have never been depressed in my life so i dont know how it feels like but stay strong i will have you in my prayers and Hotep Sa/Sat (be in peace brother/sister) may you have many blessings :D

Counting down your suicide is going to make your depression worse.
And setting it for a certain day sounds to me like you are trying to send a message to someone with your death.

You have just won a friend (me) by posting that. I am here if you need someone to talk to. Call me, text me, share your heartaches with me. I have thought of doing the same thing when I was depressed but I can't just accept the fact that I would never get the happy ending that i deserve. And it's unfair! I wanna give you two thumbs up for having enough strength. If you really are done with life, you wouldn't wait for 28 more days. you would've ended it as soon as possible. You still have hope. that's a good way to start. 28 days of hope. let's extend that!

Me too, just text me or call me, if your interested send me a message on here and I'll give u my phone number. But as mentioned, get some help. And don't take help as a bad thing as if you are mentally insane or something. You aren't and sooooo many people are willing to help u.

Hello there please dont kill yourself i have been thru this many times over

Clearly this is a cry for help and attention so I suggest you seek it from professionals around you.

There is no shame in admitting you're not able to cope on your own but to put a timeline on your pending suicide is cruel to those around you and a burden to people here - the implication is that the EP community is somehow here to prevent you from suicide.

That's not the role of the site, or the people here. What you must do, as a matter of urgency is to visit some of your available healthcare professionals and explain your feelings to them.

Good luck.

Do you have family?

If you're planning to kill yourself in 28 days, please don't. I don't know what you've been through or who you are, but you have a purpose. I know that sounds like cliche bullshit but it is true. I pray to God you realize that. Keep going. Keep fighting this terrible battle because one day you will beat your demons and make it out alive. This sounds so silly but you can't end it all. You still have to fall in love and buy a 10 cent ballon on the street just because you feel like it and you still have to buy your dream house. You still have terrible and lovely movies to watch and your ears still need to be filled with music and laughs and deep late night conversations. Your heart is beating and pumping blood in your body because it wants you alive even more than you want yourself. Life is crappy sometimes but don't make it a lifestyle. Appreciate the coffee and ice cream and them combined and take a nice hot shower and lay in bed naked for 2 hours. Sleep all day and wake up, order pizza and read a good book. Just keep holding on because one day everything will be ok and you can look back and tell everyone who left you behind to **** off cause you made it without them. You will make it.

Killing yourself may be the permanent solution for your problems. But it also the permanent solution to terminate your happiness. Everyone has bad chapters in their lives, you just can't let them get to you.