Right now I just want to take this bottle of klonopin and it's only 9:00 at night. I'm trying to think of every reason why I shouldn't. If I knew that I could succeed at it, then I would. But what scares me is if I wake up. Then I'd have to go through the pain all over again and face the disappointment from my family and friends knowing that I failed at suicide. What do I do.
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Do u want a reason to not do it? I find myself looking through these posts late at night, and I fin myself giving the same advice every time. Only you can control you, I can't make you happy, because I haven't experienced what you have. I find it harder and harder to get off this damn app, because each time I think that I could save someone if I stayed on for 5 more minutes. Do you see the mindset I have? It is far different from what yours appears to be, but I will tell you that you have the ability to change your mindset,and that if I can be happy then u can. The only thing between happiness is ones mind, and although it's a tough nut to crack, you can do it. If u don't believe that you can be happy, then let me ask you, do u believe I have the ability to be sad and in the same mindset that you're in? I'm here to tell u that I could kill myself just as easily as you, but doesn't that mean you could be happy just as easily as me?

This really opened my eyes. Thankyou. It's nice to know the mindset from another's perspective. Again thankyou

Best advice I ever received, after the fact of living through, you can always kill yourself tomorrow. From a family member that was in the same kind of situation, she's still around to give me advice...it isn't easy by any means, but doable.

I'll give you a reason. Even if you took it with a bottle of booze it won't kill you. You would need a minimal of 2 prescriptions of it, than something to keep it down.

How do you know that?

Research. I researched every barb drug there is.

Its rare for doctors to issue this drug now a days. Even more so to those younger than me. Just cause of how much power it holds. But the info on this killing you is readily abled on the internet as it has claimed the life's of many, and half the time it was a mistake overdose.

Its not as peaceful way than you think either. What generally happens is your foam up and swollen your vomit.

But what if it kills you before it gets the chance to be ugly?

It always gets ulgy. Look it up on the net. Its there. And some news articles are detailed.

What do I search?

Just enter that drugs name in. It should come up with several cases of celebertys using it

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