Well I took a few dozen pills and drank them down with booze. I'll be out cold too see you all tomorrow...

Hopefully I'll have answers on how to kill myself.
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Like u said lostunit, we will never understand what u have gone through. Some may understand more than others. But I gaurantee that there isn't a single person that understands what u have gone through as well as u do. And that's what makes you you. You are the only one that controls your mind. I don give advice except that who inspires one to help themselves. The reason for this is because I cannot tell u what to do, not having been you. But what I can tell u is this, I am happy and if I can do it, then you can. I'm not saying my experiences have been worse than yours because I'm going to face the truth and say that mine have been pretty damn good. But regardless of all of that, if one person can bring themselves to a happy state then any person can. And this concept goes both ways, if one person can ring themselves to kill themselves, then anyone can. You have the tools to make yourself happy, but only you can do it.

Maybe you should give up trying to kill yourself and use all that determination and energy to take on a hobby

My hobbies were fun but they were part of her also. So that just brings back memories that leads to more pain. I don't expect you to understand. As most don't.

Find an unrelated hobby, or someone to talk to, killing yourself ain't the way to do this, trust me

I understand more than you realize.
Learn a new hobby, a new skill, something for you. Learning to enjoy your own company is the best thing you can do for yourself.

mate am not sure of the reason for your depression but if you say your hobbies were fun, then am sorry I certainly don't think you enjoyed them coz normally people don't stop doing what they enjoy the most. Again it's my personal opinion and I may be wrong.

Are you sure those hobbies were yours at all? or did you probably learn to enjoy them for someone else?

You can introspect on these things & see what you discover..

Anyways whatever the choice you make am sure this time it will be the one you really want. whether they are right or wrong, u are the best person to judge them & no one else. So all the best with your choices...

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They still haven't kicked in...