I went to a new heart doctor today...
Need more test...He said that I was having some problems, feeling really week and unable to do much anymore. seems like my life is being shut down.
The nurse that checked me in was awesome. She was a true Christian, one that I would trust and enjoy talking to.
When she ask about my family history, I told her about my mother. She said that I need to forgive her, not for her but for myself. If I could not do that then I might not be forgiven by God when I die. I told here that I had tried to before only to have her walk away from me again. This nurse said that it did not matter what she has done to me, she will have to face God and be judged in the end. It was for me to let it go and move on.

Today I say I forgive you mother, even though you will never read these words. You know not what you have done, you believed in your heart that you were right and choose to shove me out of your life.
I am now free from your pain and discrimination, your bigotry will never hurt me again.
Today I love myself for who I have become, not for what you tried to make me be. I can not and will not become one of those haters that think they can rule over me.
I am Bobbie Jean And until the day I die I will have this dream........... "ONE RACE CALLED THE HUMAN RACE"
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I feel unqualified to weigh in here. You have definitely experienced more than I have in my life, my **** is elementary compared to you. I hope you have had a great life. And I can agree with what u said. If one doesn't be themselves, then how can try be happy, you know you better than anyone else, and if you use others advice to change you, you, then you are no longer you.