Today 8/18 I was almost kidnaped.
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Glad you could escape

Well, it's never a bad idea to carry around some pepper spray. It will at least give u some comfort. Don't walk alone if possible too.

Wow! God bless! So scary~ fight them fight them kick them hard let go and run!!!!!!


walking home, a guy followed me home. I'm having anxiety attacks

did u call the police

yes but like an hour later

why did u wait a hr

well it wasn't exactly an hour. but I didn't want to tell my parents where I was and my dad called the cops and I wanted to speak to the cops alone but they wouldn't allow me so then my parents found out the truth):

oh well ur ok right

ya. I found the truck and took pictures of the license plate and I'm goin to have my brother make sure it's the right guy then I'll call the cops again

good for u just be carefull ok

okay thanks(:

why u r posting the same thing as the other day

what do you mean

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