The Death of My Son

Why I battle this is I'm sure normal for any parent that has lost a child.

Then I have so many say go away you aren't the only parent to loose a child.


That is what I am told.

I have a life. It may well be depressed.

The plan to remain anyomous isn't an easy task when your life and name are already all over the net.

My son was murdered by a drug cook organization.

The local sheriff and DA said they didn't care and they had spent too much money and time. They closed the case and walked away.

I did not. I will not.

It has been a long battle not only with my depression but the corrupt officials involved.

I confess ONCE I DID drugs. It was a life time ago. A marriage ago.

I made history in they state being the first to use new law.

At this point I am only anyomous.

It's been nine years now and many are in the pen only because of my fight for justice.

Now I am the front page of the net.

The front page of ABC news.

I am no longer what you all want to remain.

All because no person can make a statement of opinion. I do mean Stated OPINION.

Be Ware of what you say.

I don't care what the Internet may say. You can never remain totally anyomous.

Yet because Judges can court order the CEO's to give up any info I am now nation wide news for all Internet anonymity.

I will always be depressed. I know that.

There is so much to the story. Yet to remain some what anyomous I will stop for now and say only that his body and the crime scene was staged and the death investigater in now serving two life pluss twenty years for molesting a child.

That is why nothing was ever done.

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Just as with Michel Jackson.<br />
He is broke for what?<br />
He was aquitted for molesting a child.<br />
Is he suing anyone? <br />
No because he cannot get anything.<br />
That is why.<br />
We the people have the right to stand and fight the corrupt.

I received another e-mail from another reporter last night.<br />
Some may say it is time for you to shut your mouth and walk away.<br />
<br />
That will not happen. That was what the corrupt sheriff and drug task force and DA expected.<br />
<br />
I didn't I won't!<br />
I will fight.<br />
What can they do to a man that has nothing but a home and his wife, son, dog, chicken, car, on and on.<br />
I have studied the law in Tx. Tx Law says you cannot have anything form me.<br />
They can't take anything at all.<br />
If they could I would be taking from the man that killed my child.<br />
I was my own attorney and won a 750k wrongful DEATH SUIT.<br />
My sweet wife did the legal paper work for me and stood by me.<br />
Life is Hello but we all must live it and hold our heads up.<br />
Never back away.<br />
I'm a Marine from the Vet-Nam era. <br />
You can't run me off.

I'm at all making any mistakes in the TOS or the way I place a link to follow please let me know.<br />
Thank you.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I was told that one of the links didn't work. Please try one of these.<br />
The blog hasn't been posted on ffj yet because of the harassment I recive from a sick poster of Cass county Tx.<br />
<br />
I will slowly try to place this story out for all to read.<br />
This is a story that one day you may just find your family facing.<br />
Can you depend on the people you ellect to do the right thing?<br />
Or will you expect cover up just as I?

Angelsallaround.<br />
I find this site nice and welcoming.<br />
It is hard to be a parent that is fighting the system that says they just don't care.<br />
Yet I care. <br />
I care to prove to the people that they may well be the next that the elected officials turn their backs to.<br />
Thank you.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
This is the first time this has been posted.<br />
I am as I say just a country boy trying to learn my way around the key board and the net.<br />
So far I have up set millionairs and elected officials to no end.<br />
Thank you

i m sorry...wish u know that ur child will always be near u and in ur heart..many hugs and hope u ll be ok*

Thank you <br />
ScorpionShadow<br />
This story can only continue or I will die.<br />
I look at my younger son and he want to be a writter.<br />
<br />
I must say that I'm only a country boy who didn't ask for this.<br />
But Steven was my name sake and he was my life just as with my younger son.<br />
Walking away isn't in me.<br />
I had three sisters and no brothers.<br />
My father is a retired truck driver that wasn't home often.<br />
Mom wouldn't let me back up. <br />
Mom was dad most of the time.<br />
Mom tought me to be the fighter I am.<br />
It's good she passed away the year before he died.<br />
I just don't think she would have been able to deal with it all without poping an elected official up side their head.<br />
Then that was just mom. <br />
Thank you.