27 Days To Go To My Suicide

The pain in my heart grows worse and worse. I walked by a girl I liked in high school today. It reminded me of a time when I wished in the future I could have a family.

Yet with the condition im in I wouldnt want to pass this depression to my future unborn son or daughter.

Some things just arent meant to be. From the cradle to the grave there is nothing that can make me smile.
theblacktiger theblacktiger
22-25, M
6 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Follow the song if does not kill you it will make you stronger. Be a survivor my son.

Don't do it my brother committed suicide it leaves a pain like no other knowing that maybe you could have done something to help if he asked please don't leave your future and your present you don't know what brilliance you can pass on! X

I didn't want to pass on ADD, BiPolar, Dissociative Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Personality Disorder, and Gender Identity Disorder to my future kids.
But then I realized after I had them that unlike my parents and their generations, my generation and those younger are searching for answers.
My kids will be well equipped and very knowledgeable about my conditions because I won't hide it from them like my parents did from me. They will know that they can talk to me about it and I will help them.
Don't let fear of yourself and the unknown stop you from living.
There is a great deal of things that can make you smile, you are just refuse to let them in fear of having to let go of your pain.

I know it's Very Very tuff. I have been there and am currently struggling myself. .. The key thing is.. I'm getting the help that I need. Meds and therapy. It's slow ... But I'm getting there.
Are u currently getting help? If not , please please give it a try. Death is final.. No chance of it getting any better.

Out of curiosity... Why the specifics of 27 days ??

I know what it's like to not want to pass things on to a possible child. I don't wish my asspergers on anyone. If you have to adopt. Try leaving town for a whole to see If you can clear your head.

Are you serious? Don't do it man. It won't make anyting better.Death won't be any better than what's going on now. Talk to somebody of go somewhere to clear your head.