This is more an answer to somebody asking about alternative things to help depressions besides the meds.. I read the post this morning, and I cannot find the post to reply.. anyway here is my answer hope that person can see.
"Where to start? Well, honestly I don’t like meds, but I have to concede that there are necessary in many cases.. However there is no such thing as a magic pill to make you fill better, meds it is only a small ( about 20% I would say ) percentage of a whole treatment plan to help you with depression.. There is a lot of things that you can try and some will work, some won’t others will do in time.. Maybe the trick is to keep trying and try to force yourself sometimes to do something, anything.. And that’s the difficult part because from what I know the depression will always try to trick you into don’t even bother into trying and see the negative things.
First thing is to recognize that you need help and aim to reach it... Which you are doing already and I congratulate you for being brave, this is the most difficult part and you did it!
- Talk with people you trust, call to the anonymous line, write here in the EP... is always a good idea to share your feelings, inside the bad thoughts only grow to make you feel worse, let somebody to share that, you’ll find more than one that understand and can offer a nice word or just listen.
- If you can go to a psychologist, a counsellor.. They can help you to find the causes of you depression and help you to deal with that. You are doing this already, so YAY!
- Try to join a peer group, should be something available in your area... the guys from the distress line and google can help you to find them.
These three first items will form your support system, and believe me you’ll need it.
- Make a routine, you might ask the psychologist to help you with this... the idea is to do not have to make a big decision each time you have to do something..
o Wake up at more less the same time... Open the window look outside you might find something that catches your interest. Take a shower, get ready... for what? You might ask... For you! And the day ahead (even if it doesn’t look good at the moment, it might change)
o EAT! Don’t miss your meals (blood sugar stable means less mood swings), specially breakfast... try to eat the healthy as you can and find foods that boost tour serotonin levels
o Avoid caffeine... especially after 4pm. This will low your serotonin and will interfere with your sleep.
o Get outside, expose yourself to sunlight and get in contact with nature, get fresh air. It will help your vitamin D and your moods.
o EXERCISE! Anything you like, try to make it in a constant manner.. Yoga, Tai Chi and activities that teach you relaxation are highly recommended since you can use that when you sense the bad feeling coming at you. But honestly, anything work, exercising releases endorphins (natural antidepressants) in your body and also make you feel tired which will help with your sleep.
o Meditation maybe? I don’t know I’ve never tried. I should be emotionally challenged to do so
o Have a dog? Walk the dog, or the cat or the gerbil... Play with your pet... Animals have a therapeutic effect on me. Maybe it can help you too
o SLEEP! This is a big one... you need to sleep having a full day will make you need it, staying in bed the whole day won’t. A rested clear mind will help you better to identify what is real what is not, what you want or not, what you are able to try or no, and when that b* called depression is just tricking you. Depression will affect your sleep and the sleep deprivation will make your depression worse; I know it sucks! That’s why sleeping is very important. I personally recommend putting away the things that excite you or keep your attention. You will hate me (same as my son does), but yes, the cell off, the computer shutdown, videogames off, the headphones away (you might put some soothing music really low or a white noise because at some nights silence is scary) you don’t want the not little light of the device calling you when you wake up in the middle of the night. Read, dim lights let your brain know it is time to rest... if still need help there is some foods(google healthy food to help depression), Valerian root drops it is a natural remedy that worked in the case of my son
- If there is something you used to enjoy or better if you still, please do so... write, read, paint, draw, walk, sing, dance, change your hair color.
- Take one day at a time, try to concentrate in small and simple things, the rest will come along in time.
- Write how you feel. A week (or a day or a month or a year) from now you can measure your improvement and learn from what you were feeling today and how you handle it.
- Help others, I have find that’s a big booster of my sense of being useful. I feel so proud each time I read here many people that is not feeling well and still have the strength to answer others and give them hope and a nice word to hear when they are feeling sad and hopeless themselves. It is really encouraging, and sad too that we can see the good in others but we are often too hard on ourselves to see the good we have.
I’m trying to share with you the all many things I have researched to help my son, he still battling depression, he got the meds from the doctor and I’m trying to respect that; He is improving though. Some days are not good for him, I know but he doesn’t tell me. I feel often useless and getting sad myself, I feel guilty like I didn’t do something to avoid him to feel bad… I don’t know. It is a roller coaster, some days good, some days bad, some days numb but as long as the cart is moving you will see that bad days are less..
Hope this writing can help you and with luck somebody else out there"
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