I'm so tired of pretending for everyone.
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Don't pretend, be yourself. If you're feeling depressed, let someone know. Holding it in and hiding from the truth only makes you feel more depressed. I'm slightly bipolar and I gave up on faking it a long time ago. If I'm feeling down, I do what I can to get out of the funk. If I'm feeling a little hyper, I get a lot of stuff done that could wait for another day. Depression sucks, but don't let it suck you down.

hmmm... sometimes you just need to ***** it all and let whats really there show. let it be known and who knows, maybe it will help. If you ever need anyone to talk to, message me!

why are you pretending for everyone else? STOP! Live for yourself!!! :)

Never hide what you're feeling.... How could anyone know what you're going thru and help out? There's always someone who can help out ;-/

I guess in a way I don't want others to know what I feel. Because for reason it makes me feel worse

Yeah...but putting a smile on the outside while you're crying on the inside isn't fair for you.

You're right

: (

Then be real

I should. And I am. It's just my emotions I hide

The emotions?

Yeah. I pretend to be happy. I have a really hard time letting people close to me know how I'm feeling

Certain people and certain emotions gotcha. Is it sad one, I can never cry in front of people.

Pretty much sadness. I feel like a burden to tell people what's going on with me when they are perfectly happy. It just doesn't feel quite fair....in a way. If that makes any sense

Trust me they are hiding something too. It's good to talk about problems and I bet they will tell you theirs. It will bring you guys closer to each too and other and it is amazing feeling.

True. Thanks man

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