26 Days To Go To My Suicide

Am I alive anymore? Every morning i wake up and ask myself that question. Sometimes walking around and acting like you are happy can take its toll on you. I don’t know if anybody else has ever felt it but you are sort of walking on thin ice trying not to enter a deep depressive state right in front of somebody as they talk to you.

There are so many people in this world. It’s amazing that everybody can walk by me. Yet not notice me. But that’s just life i guess. This isn’t a sad story or a happy story. It’s a real one.

Somehow i am content with that.
theblacktiger theblacktiger
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Im here if u want

I feel the exact same way. Like a burden to other people and no one cares or can handle it. I have lost someone to suicide and when It happened I was horrified and couldn't even comprehend why someone would do that. What scares me is that I now understand, and she had so much to live for yet when you fall so deep down the hole it's so hard to crawl out of it. Anyways... althought I am not saying go do it. (But seriously don't do it, I truly think someone in your life will miss you more then you know) I am just saying I know the feeling and you're not quite as alone as you think.