Well... 2 months later, and one month after the big attempt to kill myself and I'm still alive.

I can't sleep... Overdosed on sleeping meds last night and the effects of them are just wearing off now.

Phone is dying, thou I wish it was me, I lay here in bed crying..

I have been forgotten by that lass I so love, but last she was too young to tell... And now I lay broken and forgotten.
lostunit lostunit
31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Stay Alive! We need u I know this seems impossible since I don't no u but I do know u and I love u I'll be by your side as long as my heart is beating

Can you try some natural ways to help you sleep ?

Like what? Nutmeg? Did that, it was a OK 2 day sleep. But the effects to get to that level is unreal.

valerian root drops .. 50 in half glass of water, in 30 min your down.. no side effects